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Jay-Z Responds To Recent Police Related Shootings With The Release of “Spiritual”

Jay Z once called himself the voice of the young people and after nearly a decade, that voice is finally rising up again— and doing so, in a way that unites us all— through music.

Yesterday night, in the midst of a bloody week involving the police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, a tragic week that has left two black men dead in the hands of policemen in Minnesota and Louisiana. A tragic week, which also prompted retaliation,  and in turn resulted in the death of five officers in Downtown Dallas during a peaceful protest —Jay Z released a rough cut of a track called “Spiritual.” This emotionally raw track is Jay-Z like we haven’t seen him in a long time. The deep rooted lyrics tackles spirituality in the face of these hard times we all are facing and must unite to conquer.

“Got My Hands in the air, in despair, Don’t shoot, I just wanna do good.” — Jay Z, Spiritual

While this is quite unlike Jay Z, who doesn’t do mix-tapes, who is protective of his product, who views every single and every verse as a business transaction; but also someone who just like most of us, has had enough of the racism the gun violence dividing our nation and killing our people.

“Spiritual” also narrates how he needs to be embraced, how he wants to meaningfully embrace his child- a feeling we all know too well, especially given the events that transpired in recent weeks:

In a hurricane of emotions
Can’t even raise my little daughter, my little Carter
We call her Blue ’cause it’s sad that
How can I be a dad that, I never had that
Shattered in a million pieces, where the glass at
I need a drink, shrink or something
I need a angelic voice to sing something
Bless my soul, extend your arms, I’m cold
Hold me for a half-hour ‘til I’m whole

It’s been a long time, and it took some tragic circumstances, but its great to see that Jay Z suddenly has a voice again at a time when we need it most. Let’s remain united and continue to uplift one another. #TrendingUnity

Take a listen to the song below which is streaming on Tidal for both members and non-subscribers

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