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Trending Kicks: Nike Debuts Wave of Innovation with Lacing and Nike+App

Nike knows that when personal service meets personalized product true magic can occur, as exemplified by the greatest athletic performances of the past few decades — from legendary sprints in Atlanta to record-breaking performances last summer in Beijing. Each of these achievements resets the bar of expectation. And each time Nike rises to the call with its next stage of invention.


Here’s a first-look at The Nike Hyper Adapt 1.0, which is the payoff of significant research into digital, electrical and mechanical engineering. Powered by an underfoot-lacing mechanism, the shoe proposes a groundbreaking solution to individual idiosyncrasies in lacing and fit preferences. That means the undue pressure caused by tight tying and slippage resulting from loose laces are relics of the past. Precise, consistent, personalized lock-down can now be manually adjusted on the go! Perfect for a daily work-out.


Connecting Nike’s wealth of sport knowledge with its footwear and apparel offerings, Nike+ translates the “plus” to “personal,” providing members with customized guidance, support and a host of tailored resources that unlock the best of Nike.
Dynamic coaching and training programs help improve a full gamut of activity — a runner’s times, a weightlifter’s strength and a yogi’s flexibility. In person, Nike+ Run Club and Nike+ Training Club sessions bring communities of athletes together for shared inspiration and motivation, whether in intimate neighborhood sessions or at international marathons.



The best of Nike will be linked by the new Nike+ app — a virtual golden ticket to the company’s most coveted products and events via one seamless sign-on. Beyond running and training clubs, Nike+ connects to a full-range of digital products, including NIKEiD, which makes it easier for a basketball player to match the Kyrie 2 to the colors of his uniform or a football player to add individual flare to her Tiempo Legend VI boots. Because, as Nike has learned over the years, when athletes look and feel good they perform better.

This in mind, the new app also features refreshed thinking about shopping. It introduces personalized shops for members, filled with tailored product recommendations, including reserved shoes dialed to their interests. It serves every step of athletic life: from competition to training to sport style. It means an evolution of how the best and brightest product in the world reaches athletes.

Article By: A. Jackson

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