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Adele Credits Kate Bush For Her Comeback.



Adele’s 25 has been smashing records and it appears to have been well worth the wait. Sales for the record climbed to 4.2 Million in U.S. alone. In an interview with the New York Times, the powerhouse behind “Hello” said that seeing the eclectic Kate Bush’s comeback gig in London inspired her to put out her latest chart-topping album.

“Her whole show was about before her parenthood and then being a parent, and her kid was in it. I read somewhere, and I don’t know if it’s true or not, that [her son] said when he was 16, ‘I want to know now why everyone loves you.’ And it makes me so emotional,” Adele told the Times. “After that show, it was: ‘I don’t want to wait. I don’t want to wait till my kid is 16, I want to show him now.’ After that, I was: ‘I don’t care if no one wants me to make another [expletive] record. I’m making one for myself.’”

Though she made the record for herself (or perhaps because she did), it’s music to fans’ ears — including fellow comeback queen (and Twitter bestie) Britney Spears.

“The comebacks and stuff like that, that’s what all the greatest artists of all time have always done. It’s the comeback, like the almighty comeback that’s [expletive] epic,” Adele said. “People will always remember you and everything you’ve ever done if you come back with something great.”


Written By: Kwasi Gyeabour

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