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Ford Encourages Safe-Driving at Univision’s Familia y Hogar Expo with DUI Simulator Suit

Ford Familia y Hogar 3

New York, NY– We’ve all heard about the dangers associated with drunk driving and the affect it has on all of our lives. Whether we hear about it through commercials, Public Service Announcements, conferences or public events, we all know of it’s importance. Ford En Español is trying to take the safety message directly to Hispanic drivers with a special DUI suit that allows them to simulate driving under the influence. The suit replicates some of the physical challenges one would experience when driving under the influence of drug or alcohol.

This past weekend, Ford was able to engage attendees during Univision’s Familia y Hogar Expo with the interactive DUI Suit Simulator, where hundreds of young adults and parents were given the opportunity to experience the dangers of drunk driving through the simulator. Similar to regular routine stops, participants were asked a series of questions and prompted to conduct some important exercises that helped them understand the risk of being impaired and allowed them to experience the negative impact alcohol takes on the human body.

Consisting of tunnel-vision glasses; ear muffs, wrist and ankle weights; and padding to elbows, neck, and knees; the “DUI Suit Simulator” makes even simple tasks – such as walking a straight line – much harder; and demonstrates how much more difficult a more complex activity like driving becomes under the influence of alcohol.

Ford’s ‘DUI Suit Simulator’ is a clever way of enabling people who are sober to safely experience first-hand how significantly their abilities can be affected by alcohol. The suit means we can show people how much more difficult even simple activities become, as well as teaching them about the dangers of drinking and driving.

“It’s important to have these young adults and parents experience the reality of what it feels like to be impaired while driving in a vehicle. “ said Sisko-Anthony Cruz, Director of Hispanic Communications, New York.  He then added, “Not only is it important to realize the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol and the impact it can have in our lives, but it’s also important to know that being alert must be our number one priority when keeping our loved ones safe.“

At the event Ford En Español also gave away branded t-shirts, bags, pens and other giveaway through interactive games.  It was a wonderful way to bring la familia together and spread the message of safe driving within the local Hispanic community. Encouraging families – A Llegar Mas Lejos con la Seguridad Familiar!

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