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#NationStrong: We Will Finish The Race For Boston!

After the bombings incidents that occurred during the Boston Marathon- people killed, wounded and traumatized, the affect was not only Boston based, but it was felt nationwide. Together, we saw how this horrific tragedy changed the Boston community, but most importantly, how we all as Americans stood together to show our support #BostonStrong.

This notion of Together We Stand had become part of America’s fabric, as we tend to come together and unite as one every-time our nation suffers in the eyes of evil. Organizations and individuals from all over united regardless of their location to share the pain and work together to get through it. The cover of Boston Magazine’s May issue reflects just that! As it features a cluster of sneakers, arranged in a heart shape, with a very powerful message “We Will Finish The Race”.

The photograph below, taken by Mitch Feinberg, a well-known New York photographer inspires us on how as Americans we all stand up for each other:

We’ve all heard from folks across the country, asking what can they can do to help, and we’ve identified the right cause to help foster the #BostonStrong movement. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino have formed a fund to help the people most affected by these tragic events.

If you’re looking for a way to help, please consider making a donation to The One Fund Boston today- Together, let’s support the people of Boston as they recover. #TrendingSocialChange

“Now we cry together. We pray together. We help each other.We are fighters — and we cannot be broken.”

Written by Trending Source Staff.


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