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#TIMEMAG Top 100 | King of New York: Influenced By Success

Time Magazine just released  a ranking of the 100 most influential people in the world.  Rapper Jay Z ranks one of the top influencers, along with the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Rand Paul, and Elon Musk.  It is great to see an African American expand and reach the highest stages of society. Today, Jay Z is seen as a  role model and inspires young people from around the world through his music and philanthropic achievements. Not to mention, he and his beau  Beyonce make up the infamous Carter Empire- in recent years the couple has become one of the most successful and powerful entities in America’s pop-culture.

Hip-Hop Icon Russell Simons, recently shared his thoughts on Jay Z’s lifetime achievements… Take a Look at what the music mogul has to say –

“Never again may we witness an MC like Jay-Z. His lyrical skills are unmatched by the rookies and the vets. His ability to make a club bounce is as powerful as ever. His authentic portrayal of his journey from Marcy to Madison Square or from Bed-Stuy to Barclays has been the inspiration for so many gifts he has given his fans, his family and his friends. I have been fortunate to go along for the ride and could not be more proud to see him on the cover of Time Magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.

Jay’s influence has expanded over the years. From the early days, his quest to be the “King of New York,” led him to lyrically wax his verses of poetry against some of the greatest of his era. Not only did he conquer the throne, he conquered the castle and got one incredible queen along the way (who made his 16 bars sound even hotter). As he matured, his influence went beyond the beats in his headphones into a much broader cultural space. From Roc-A-Wear to Ace of Spades to the 40/40 Club to the Brooklyn Nets, Jay mastered his ability to pave streets and sidewalks for his generation to walk upon, ultimately leading to the most innovative and creative demographic the history of this country has ever seen. Not only is he responsible for creating an American culture that influences the way young people in six continents (and probably Antarctica as well) live their daily lives, but Jay-Z also made a lot of money along the way. His visionary skills in business have allowed him to build an empire that is greater than a king’s throne.”

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Written By: Entertainment & Lifestyle Contributor, Larry Kamguia

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