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‘Spanish Harlem Shake’ Perhaps?! Our Top 5 Picks.

The “Harlem Shake” or as we’d like to call is “The Spanish Harlem Shake” [Unofficial Version of the once popular Harlem Shake Phenomenon] has become one of the most popular #Trending Social Media Movements of recent times- Across the nation we see this trend being spread by hilarious groups of individuals.  It has gotten so popular that even a Colorado College Wasabi Ultimate Team found themselves Harlem Shaking Frontier Flight #157 thousands of miles high in the sky on a plane. Not to mention, large corporations and even military men have found time to join this “wiggling movement” and have uploaded these popular videos, which have generated millions of views #worldwide!  While completely bugging out in these uncivilized videos many people question the dance, others can’t help but ask “ Who started this dance they call The “HARLEM SHAKE?” Well, trendsetters lets take a look at the uncivilized countdown of some our favorite ShakeDowns!

The Countdown Starts Here…Con Los Trendingristas!






Written by Trending Source Staff.



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