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The Best & Worst of The 2013 Grammy’s

Best Female Performance

The #1 Trending Performance was Carrie Underwood’s– with her illuminated dress. While she always does an amazing job on stage; this year Carrie took her performance to another level- literally- making GRAMMY’S history as the first artist to create an animated canvas with her dress, the whimsical special effect was the perfect pairing to her amazing voice, ultimately offering an unforgettable performance.

Best Male Performance

It had been four years since Justin Timberlake last performed on the GRAMMY’S stage, and what a comeback it was! Performing his latest single “Suit & Tie” along with rapper Jay-Z; Justin took us back in time to the 1950’s- appropriately themed with a sepia tone and jazz musicians, out came Justin in his Suit & Tie . By the end of his performance, one thing was for sure, J.T. is once again, bringing-sexy-back!

Best dressed

Hands-down the best dressed of the night was the very talented and beautiful Jennifer Lopez, who wore a gown designed by Anthony Vaccarello. The dress exposed nothing, but her entire right leg, which allowed the attention to focus more on her hair, which was pulled back in a bun accentuating her gorgeous face. *Back in 2000,Lopez wore what is probably one of the most famous dresses in GRAMMY’S history. Apparently she “Got The Memo”- Skin, Skin, and more attention!

Worst dressed

Looking like my grandmother’s 1970s sofa, songstress Adele takes the worst dressed prize of the night by a landslide. While the silhouette of the dress was not as bad, the flower pattern on the dress was excessive and the matching flower shoes, made her an eyesore from head to toe- #Yikes! We Love Adele, but her style needs a makeover- pun intended!

Written by Special Entertainment Contributor & Artist, Arias Martin


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