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EMERGE SPOTLIGHT: Model Vincent Lane, NY

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Vincent Lane is no stranger to shining lights and bright marquees.  Growing up, Vincent wanted to pursue a career as a wide receiver in football.  However, things didn’t go quite as planned- his unique look and encouragement from family and friends, allowed him to discover his talent as a model.

With idols such as Will Smith,  Vincent knows that it is more than possible to make something out of nothing.  After his first official modeling session and photo-shoot, Vincent knew that he had the potential to be an advantageous model. He is no ordinary model, and possesses qualities that many models in the industry lack.  His hard work and dedication are endless and he continues to remains humble, increasing his astounding personality.  Modeling for four years strong, he has become dedicated to going above and beyond- going the extra mile to ensure that he is the best at his craft.

Lane has incredible sex appeal, and has the structure and look for both high-end fashion and editorial shoots.  Not only does he have the hunger and dedication to be a high-end model, he wants to expand his career options and opportunities as a sports agent and songwriter as well.  The sky is the limit for this young man of talent and success.

Energy from his family drive Lane to be the best that he can be.  His grandmother provides him with the inspiration he needs to press forward.   Seeing how strong she is, keeping her head up when times are rough, Lane knows that this is the way he wants to be in his own life.  He works hard daily to be successful, not only for himself but, for his family.

Currently Lane is a freelance model, with high hopes of being signed by any of the hottest agencies in the country.  Recently, he has been blessed to coach a little league baseball team, The Minor Mets.  It is his vision to not only be the best model in the world, but to also possess the title of sports agent, songwriter, and one day, hopes to be an NBA Team owner.

  • Favorite Designer Brands? Boss & Burberry
  • Favorite NYC Hangout Spot? Harleys NYC
  • Can Usually Be Spotted At? Midtown Manhattan
  • #Hashtag That Best Describes You? #Ambitious
  • Instagram: vinceln24
  • Twitter: vinceln

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