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FALL In Lov3 With Fashion

FALL in L0v3 With Fashion


Accessories play a huge part in fashion trends- an entire outfit is just as characterless as it gets when it’s not accessorized properly.  Fall in love with Fashion all over and start with making a bold statement – gather your scarfs and snoods. Since the introduction of Snoods last winter, it’s become a huge must among the ever-so-trendy and fashionista’s alike. They are warm, comfortable and of course accentuate a finer look. Choose brighter colors to freshen up your outfit or go for pastel tones to make your look elegant and more sophisticated.    

Bold solid colors are also trending this fall- Sticking to three bold colors and incorporating them into one outfit is “A” ok. Attempting to wear too many colors may become a “fashion no-no.” Try and stay as simple as possible in the color department and get noticed through having a more edgy and urban ‘chic’ look instead. So remember stick to solid yet fresh and cool colors!

#StylingOnEm’… This year furs are bursting back into the fashion scene. Having a fur incorporated in a person’s outfit is the ultra head-turner in this fall’s fashion. The most popular furs are leopard prints, chinchillas, foxes, and minks. So start your year off with a little fur in your wardrobe and you are bound to stand out and be runway ready!

Last year re-introduces the headscarf, but knowing how to wear the headscarf is key when attempting to make a statement. A headscarf can be worn in so many different and unique ways, and can be a great way to enhance the trendsetter in you. So dust off your headscarf and get ready to take the classic look for a fashion spin!

Is see-through clothing too much to handle? Not for fashion lovers. This fall, wearing a see-through piece of clothing is part of the Trending Fashion Styles. Of course it’s important to always keep in mind body frame, clothing season, and most importantly carrying out the style in a tasteful manner. So go on… express yourself and liberate your inner beauty- externally.  #TrendingFashion 

Written by Lifestyle & Fashion Contributor, Darius B.


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