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Lincoln Brings ‘Human’ Touch, Music To NYC Streets


The Lincoln Motor Company is has partnered with YouTube artists Sara Niemietz and Emmy-nominated composer Snuffy Walden to bring a live two-day music series to New York City on December 2nd and 3rd 2015 respectively. The performances are at Columbus Circle, Time Warner Center, and Gansevoort Plaza on Wednesday, and the Flatiron Park and Rockefeller Center on Thursday.

Los Angeles-based Niemietz frequently collaborates with Walden, who is an Emmy multi-nominee and winner of 26 BMI Awards. She played a young Carol Burnett on Broadway in “Hollywood Arms,” and has some 110,000 subscribers and 17 million views.

Matt VanDyke, director of global Lincoln, who spoke with Marketing Daily at the L.A. Auto Show (where Lincoln revealed the 2016 MKZ sedan and showed the Continental concept) says new digital, grass roots and experiential efforts are part of a program to sustain the national brand message. “We are spending aggressively as a challenger brand,” he says, adding that the automaker has revamped its website to capture people who are interested in learning more about the brand and products, but aren’t ready to initiate the build-and-price process. The upgrade includes a video series called “Product Truths” bundled together in a section thematically focused around the human element of engineering, per VanDyke. The brand’s marketing and advertising is handled by New York-based Hudson Rouge

The brand is also attempting to set itself apart from the luxury competition by taking to all marketing elements a humanity, reflected in advertising, which focuses on character development as much as the vehicles.

“We can stand apart by being really warm and ‘human,’ he says. “Because, when we look at the competitive landscape, the advertising tends to be a bit colder, with purist-oriented messaging; lots of aggressive performance footage, cars on the road, and on the track. Since we are developing cars that have a different product intent, the advertising has to behave differently, but do that consistently.”

In New York, Lincoln has also been a sponsor of the Tribeca Film Festival for the past two years, which VanDyke says shows the brand’s efforts to reach people who may not have Lincoln on their radar. “It reaches the right kind of audience for us.”

He says 2015 will be a strong year for the brand, and that last year, which the industry was up 8%, Lincoln sales improved 16%. But the challenge is to outpace the industry, grow share on both coasts, and get younger buyers. He asserts Lincoln is achieving the latter, as the average age, about 67 in 2008, is now 58. “The average age in the category is about 54, so we are a bit on the higher edge of that, but it demonstrates that we have completely new demographic.”

Sales in California of Lincoln vehicles has doubled in the past five years, per VanDyke, who says the brand remains strongest in the Midwest and central region of the country down to Texas. “Our opportunity is to gain share on the coasts with new products and getting back on the radar with marketing and advertising for vehicles like the MKC, MKZ, and MKX.”



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