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2014 Going Further With Ford Trend Conference

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We at TrendingSource recently hit the road and traveled to Motor City to talk #Trends! The automotive giant Ford Motor Company held its annual Go Further With Ford Trend Conference in Dearborn, Michigan- and of course, we were invited to attend. The three-day event demonstrated the importance of innovation, design and sustainability through fun-filled activation and Ford inspired activities. The event kicked-off at Westin Airport Hotel in Detroit, Michigan with hundreds of national and international media, influencers, and bloggers.

Now, this was my first time ever attending a Ford Trend Conference, so I came with the notion that all the discussions would be very linear. While some of the Trend Sessions did contain typical automotive and technology based elements, what really caught my interest was the various personalities present and their respective perspectives. These people didn’t just share their experience; they gave us insight into their vision. People like recognized designer Kenneth Cole, COO of Ford, Mark Fields and gaming science expert Jane McGonigal shared their views on life and showed us how they apply those principles into the company.


“What really is innovation? Well, innovation is driven by individuals who take action. Innovation is a willingness to fail quickly and use that learning to try again. And at Ford that’s exactly what we’re trying to do. We will celebrate our failures and celebrate our successes within those failures” – Mark Fields

This key principle seemed to be the blueprint for the all-new Ford Edge 2015, which was undoubtedly the highlight of the conference. Fields claims it will be the “most technological advanced utility ever” and I for one can not wait to get behind the wheel of one of these bad boys.

The 2015 Edge features enhanced engine options, redesigned exterior and interior and a host of new technologies that debuts on the Edge. New technologies on the vehicle include a new sportier steering system, 180-degree front camera, enhanced park assist with perpendicular and parallel parking with pull out aide, side park sensors and two new-engine options. Not too shabby.

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