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Recently, Gun Control Debates have been the topic of many conversations across the nation- conversations that have gone beyond our local newscasts and at times taken to social media in an effort to [trend social change nationwide] and grab the attention of government officials. Community activists, mothers, fathers, brothers, daughters, people of all walks of life are coming together and share one common interest- TO END GUN VIOLENCE!

Earlier in 2012, an armed man shot and killed 17years young dreamer Trayvon Martin in the city of Sanford, Florida- this incident left many unanswered questions and caught the attention of national media outlets and political leaders alike. The national conversation set-the-stage for community activist Daniel Maree to mobilize change via social media and helped organize the Million Hoodies March for Trayvon Martin in NYC, which brought out supporters by the thousands, and we at were among the many that took to the streets of New York City in an effort to seek justice and demand tougher gun control laws!

and who can forget the devastating tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School where a MONSTER killed his mother, 20 innocent children, 6 staffs [pictured below in a collage obtained from Time Magazine] and then turned the gun to himself just days before the Christmas holiday.

These incidents have grabbed  the attention of many political leaders and have led community activists to start numerous petitions that will help control America’s gun laws.  One of these petitions can be found at– Petitioning the Government to Reenact The Federal Assault Weapons Ban and Make it a Law! #SignAndMakeADifference

TrendingImage [Above]- Trendingsource staff and demonstrators take part in the historic #MillionHoodiesMarch that took place in New York City, March 2012.

For many centuries people been discussing the need to “STOP GUN VIOLENCE” — but when will it really stop? These tragedies still remain and with them many unanswered questions continue to pile-up…When will people go back to the times were having a conversation would generate understanding? Why are these individuals carrying these guns around our children? and most importantly, WHEN will anyone in Washington do anything about it indefinitely?

We live in a society where many do not seem to know how to express themselves without hostility or aggression and a weapon is just an easy way-out for a COWARD to make anyone their target. Together Let’s #TrendSocialChange. #DemandAPlan #StopGunViolence

Written by Social Change Contributor and Founder of, Anthony Walters

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